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The Secret World of Digital Advertising

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Spoiler Alert - No mystery at all

First of all...its all hogwash. There is nothing called Digital Advertising or Digital Marketing. That basic reality needs to be digested and understood.

There is Marketing and there is advertising. They have been there since the time that man put his wandering spirits into the social paradigm. People used to shout aloud their wares to each other, bartering a pig for wheat or milk for an axe. The basic to this entire process was showcasing what they had....and that was the beginning of organised marketing.

It has been an evolution of sorts, with mankind utilising all that they had in their power to showcase their wares. At the very vortex of human kind has been the need to be heard and the need to speak thereof. Communication and its advancement through the ages is what has defined our civilisation.

I believe, mankind’s superior place in the pecking circle of the world owes a lot to its ability to communicate. Sometimes, well beyond the scope of what needs to be communicated. I don’t know when communication became over communication, but that is the norm of our times.

So communication is the key. What we communicate, where and to whom, at what time, remains the very base of Marketing, marketing communication and indeed advertising. It has been that way for ages.

So what has changed?

The mediums have.

Around the Middle Ages, technology reared its head in the form of the printing press. The birth of the tabloid was the first advertising revolution as it were. The next great revolution came with the television in the last century, completely changing the way people communicated with each other forever.

Around the end of the last century, the internet started showing real potential as a communication tool. It grew exponentially in the first 2 decades of this present century completely disrupting the way we communicate yet again. The world was different now than it ever had been. The poorest and the richest, and everyone in between, had one levelling factor - The World Wide Web.

The possibilities were frankly enormous. But the biggest factor was collection, strategic sorting and utilisation of data at a level of sheer godliness. In a connected world, unlike in earlier times, humans knew their race deeply, understanding habits, mindsets, frailties and strength. The art of mass communication underwent a catharsis in as much as it didn’t remain mass.....instead it created cohorts of people who were alike...twins to each other as it were, that made communication ever easier and more penetrative. So, in effect, the marketers’ shouts reached only the ears that they were meant to reach.....cancelling out the cacophony for all those who were incidental to that communication. Segmentation of the human race is now complete.

So that’s the secret decoded. The rules remain the same as ever. Only the media have changed, Newspapers, wall paintings, the TV and the radio are slowly giving way to the internet and that’s that. What it gives marketers of all hues is a power over their audience that is almost scary in its scope, far beyond the common man’s imagination.


oday, marketers know the precise time and place that you need to have access to information. What’s really even more scary is that this is just the beginning. Artificial intelligence and more powerful processors are working all out to see that marketers as humans become obsolete.

We are marching strongly towards a world, where an almost dystopian vision of a marketer less marketing becomes firm reality. All that there will be ... will be a machine on a cloud. A little whisper in its ears and exabytes of data will yield the perfect marketing plan within secondary splits, and before you know it, you will be hearing about something you never needed, at the very weak moment you think you do, slowly transforming desires to needs, yielding in commercial enterprise beyond what I can imagine.

The secret world of Digital Advertising is not a secret anymore. It is a world where the binary forms a multiplicity of multiples.....almost endless in their scope.

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