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Mr Businessman - Take a look @ Insta

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Insta here is more of a generic term for Social Media.

Everybody that you do business with is on some social media channel. They are hanging around somewhere on Insta, Facebook or Linked In. Their attitude towards content on separate platforms are different yet, but these lines are blurring fast.

Very simply - they are much more open to accepting information, regardless the channel it comes from.

Almost everybody who's on Linked in, hangs around on Facebook, Insta or Twitter. However, not everybody on the latter channels are on Linked in, giving a huge scope to the communicator. Also, increasingly, the personal nature of the some of the channels ensure first hand participation rather than somewhat impersonal teams handling company Linked in and Twitter accounts.

Linked in, was never just enough for your business. You need to take a look at other channels.

Social Media Users World Wide by Channel

A look at the chart in the pictures reveals an amazing picture. 303 mn people are active on Linked in. Thats a huge number, but pales in comparison to FB and Youtube. FB alone has 2.2 Bn active users worldwide. Going by usage patterns, it is not hard to assume that every single user of Linked in is on FB in some form or other. The absentee, if any, will be minimal.

Insta, has a 1000 mn users. However the significance of this channel can't be underestimated. It has been the fastest growing Social channel, changing story telling trends and generating a catharsis in terms of Brand dissemination throughout the world.

At 4.4% growth, Insta is taking over the world

Online brand building has crossed the rubicon of tradition. In the digital world traditions are short lived in any case......

Its for us to think now.....Does professionalism go beyond linked in? or is there a story beyond ....

A last point to consider.....The Venn diagram between these channels should be pretty drastic...however, its the flavour of the season that will define communication. The flavour this season is definitely Insta

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