What are your hobbies?

I love to play badminton, making films and on some beautiful days, even photography. The rhythm got to me when I was young, and I dance every chance I get.

Which is your favourite book?

I’m not one to sit around and read but have managed to read a few and love the Subtle Art. 

Which are your favourite marketed brands?

I chose marketing as my major because of my fascination with how brands are able to attach emotions to products like Durex, Nivea, and Carlsberg.

If you had one ticket where would you want to go?

Would love to shift to Amsterdam, for all the right reasons that may come to mind.

Movies that you can watch anywhere anytime?

Avengers, Garam Masala and Nayak are some movies I’ve seen at least a thousand times and still am as excited to watch them as the first time. 

One person you would want to have dinner with could be Alive, Dead or Fictional?

There are a billion people out there, a trillion stories to tell but I was taken back by Robin Williams, his sense of humour and take on life and over all persona. 

Whats the best part about working in Digital Marketing?

The best part about Digital Marketing is that everyday is a new challenge, every client is different story to tell and every work I do doesn’t make me want to quit and just run away.

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